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Our pricing structure is completely transparent and has been designed to make our pest control services easily accessible for all. Enjoy budget-friendly rates and leave your infestation the pests experts.

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We  only assign experienced and licensed beg bug heat treatment specialists in London to solve your pest infestation. Contact Us for a full list of insect we treat with heat. All our services are backed up with warranty.

Our Main Pest Control Services in London and Kent

Heat Treatment

Looking for an efficient and 100% guaranteed pest elimination method that you know you can count on? Heat treatment is an advanced and modern solution to pest infestations as it kills pests in all lifecycle stages. Heat treatment can eliminate eggs, larvae, and adult insects and bugs simultaneously.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs are among the most stubborn pests and one of the most difficult ones to get rid of without the help of an experienced pest exterminator. They could trigger allergic reactions, secondary skin infections, and even mental health impacts. Protect yourself and your close ones by booking expert bed bug extermination with heat today.

Steam Control

As soon as you get rid of adult pests and bugs you may be tempted to calm down and consider the problem solved. However, chances are that there are still insect eggs, larvae, and nymphs around your property. Our steam treatment is the perfect pest elimination solution that guarantees that eggs and nymphs are completely eradicated from your premises.

What else we can do

Other Pest-Related Services You Can Benefit From

Cockroach Control

An insect that has been around since the time of dinosaurs, can live almost a month without food, and half a month without water is definitely a challenge. They reproduce quickly and can take over your home and contaminate your space without you even noticing. Get help from a reliable pest control company near you.

Flea Heat Treatment

You don’t need to have pets in order to suffer from a flea infestation at home. These tiny insects are difficult to spot and get rid of as they’re highly mobile, can jump 50 times their height, and are extremely fast. Our pest control heat specialists in London will help you locate and eliminate them, but also prevent their return.

Woodworm Treatments

Experienced in locating and identifying different wood-borring beetle species, our Woodworm Specialists for London and Kend will be able help you out with the pest problem in a timely manner and before it gets to costly for your beloved furniture, home or business.

Commercial Heat Treatment

Pests are not just a threat to your living space. They can also invade your restaurant, bar, warehouse, or office, causing stress and concern among employees and partners, disrupting normal business operations, and leading to chaos. Protect your business by applying our Innovative Heat Solutions.

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