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Book our trained and certified bed bug control experts in London and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can once again enjoy the comfort of a pest-free living or working space.

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We only employ dedicated and experienced bed bug control experts in London that are ready to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Our pest control experts go through ongoing training to provide services of the highest standards.

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We are recognised as one of London’s most reliable and preferred pest control companies thanks to our years of experience, commitment to every client, and personalised approach. Benefit from our know-how and advanced solutions.

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To be among the leaders in pest control solutions, we invest in the latest pest control products, technology, and methods. Our solutions are tailored to every different scenario and we are always prepared to react.

Why a Bed Bug Infestation Is a Serious Problem That Demands a Professional Solution?

Oftentimes, our clients get in touch with us after a few attempts of handling a bed bug infestation alone. Although we encourage clients to take precautions and rely on preventative measures to avoid infestations, dealing with a present bed bug problem requires the experience and know-how of a specialised company. Our bed bug control experts in London will give you suggestions and advice on how to keep the bed bugs away after they’ve inspected your property, applied the necessary treatment, and ensured the issue has been solved. But why are bed bugs so dangerous and difficult to get rid of alone?

  • Their tiny size makes it difficult to locate them and identify their breeding spots around the house
  • They are able to ingest seven times their own body weight in blood, meaning that they have a lot of feeding to do off you and your family members
  • They are extremely flexible and can adapt to almost all conditions
  • Their strong instincts help them avoid being tricked and trapped 
  • They are resistant to most pesticides available on the market, which makes them hard to kill

Luckily, we are geared with everything necessary to eliminate bed bugs in your London house for good. We rely on heat treatment and a range of other proven bed bug elimination methods that provide certain results. There’s no need to worry. If bed bugs are still present in your home a month after we’ve provided the treatment, we’ll come back and perform another service for free.

We suffered from a bed bug infestation in our house in London that was taking away our sleep and caused an enormous amount of stress in our home. We found AccuRat’s bed bug extermination services from speaking to a friend and decided to give them a call. Since their visit, we haven’t had any problems and we’re extremely thankful to the team for the help and support!

Courtney Dunn

The problem with bed bugs is that just as you think you’ve gotten rid of them, they come back to haunt you! The expert’s bed bug control service was brilliant and we can happily say we’re now happy and calm knowing that the bed bugs have been removed for good.

Abigail Murphy

Great quality and an affordable price! The pest control experts arrived with all the necessary bio pesticides, we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Also, they managed to book us in almost immediately. I’d highly recommend their services.

Alisha Gill

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Heat Treatment

One of the most advanced pest control solutions is the one that guarantees all pests are fully removed from a property, no matter if they’re an adult pest, egg, larvae, or nymph. Our heat treatment solution can guarantee exactly that. Enjoy a pest-free home or working space and a healthy environment.

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