Efficient Heat Treatment In London

Stubborn pests that are resistant to pesticides are no longer a problem to deal with. Our heat treatment solution in London can successfully eradicate every pest from your property and guarantee long-lasting results.

Long-Term Warranty

What matters most is that our clients receive a service that delivers results. We offer at least 1-month warranty to every client and will return to perform a free service if our initial treatment doesn’t provide results.

Prices You Can Afford

We want to make our service accessible to all Londoners and this is why we keep our prices low and affordable. You’ll notice our competitive rates that are certainly not a sign of compromised quality.

Personalised Solutions

Although we follow a step-by-step pest elimination process, we always approach every project as a unique case and personalise the solution as much as possible. We’ll tailor our treatment to your specific problem.

What Our Heat Treatment Solution Looks Like

If you’ve never received heat treatment in London for solving a pest infestation problem, it’s only natural that you may be in doubt or confused about the procedure and why it’s effective in eliminating pests. Heat treatment is a perfect example of how technology can make our lives easier and can protect us against the destructive damage and health risks of pest infestations. With a single visit, our pest control specialists in London are able to eliminate bed bugs and different types of pests, including insects, bugs, and rodents.

Heat treatment involves heating up the infested area to a temperature of around 45°C. The desired temperature is not a coincidence but is rather the state at which bed bugs and other pests are no longer able to survive. This advanced method of pest extermination ensures that pests are killed in all stages of their lifecycle and in any location that they’re found, including luggage, bed frames, power sockets, underneath floors, and others. Our pest exterminators are trained to use an industrial heating system that recycles the heated air in your interior via the intake port, above the coils, and into the area that is being treated. The method guarantees 100% pest elimination.

I had only heard of heat treatment for pests in London before booking the service with Pest PM and wasn’t sure what to expect. The pest control experts were very careful in explaining everything about the process and did an outstanding job. Thank you!

Nicole Green

I would recommend Pest PM’s heat treatment service every time! It’s a guaranteed way to get rid of any pest problem with a timely, cost-effective, and reliable method.

Kian Hicks

We wish we knew about the heat treatment service for pest removal earlier. We tried so many different things before we tested this solution and it’s the only one that worked. Amazing job guys, thank you again!

Olivia Hurst

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