AccuRAT Mice Control In London

Rely on one of London’s best pest control companies for a mice infestation solution with permanent results. We’ll offer a mice extermination service that will keep you and your loved ones protected.

Guaranteed Protection

Our in-depth experience and know-how allow us to offer a guarantee to our customers a full mice elimination. We have all the necessary technology and equipment to protect your living or working space.

Outstanding Service

We are well-known for our exceptional customer service and kind pest control experts. Our clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they’ll be greeted with a smile and they’ll receive ongoing communication.

Industry-grade Equipment

Investing in the latest and leading pesticides and insecticides is one of our highest priorities. By working with reliable and professional products and equipment, our mice exterminators in London can always guarantee results.

How we perform our mice control service in London

When it comes to exterminating mice from your living or working environment, our highest priority is to work with professionalism, adhere to a result-proven plan, and provide results that will make our clients happy. Our mice exterminators are trained and qualified for the job and will arrive at your location at the agreed time after you’ve booked the service. They’ll greet you with a smile and will come prepared with high-quality, professional pest elimination equipment and non-toxic pesticides.

Once in your property, our local mice control experts follow a reliable step-by-step plan:

  1. Inspection – We’ll discuss the problem you’ve been experiencing with you and will conduct a full property inspection to identify the source of the mice infestation and locate the hiding spots that you may have missed. Using the collected information, we’ll create a customized extermination plan that we’ll share with you.
  2. Treatment – The actual treatment can begin when we’ve gathered all the necessary data and we’ve prepared our plan. We use an Integrated Pest Management or IPM approach and abide by the Risk Hierarchy protocol when working with rodenticides. We’ll visit your home twice. On the first visit, the mice terminators will place bat stations, traps, and repair and rat holes. After two weeks, we’ll return to measure the results.
  3. Aftercare – Our mice control professionals will provide aftercare for every client and conduct a second inspection after the treatment. This will allow us to measure the outcomes and provide expert guidance on how to prevent another infestation in the future. If you follow our recommendations strictly, you’re entitled to a 1-month warranty.

I’ve been using AccuRat several times for different properties and I’ve always received amazing results. A professional team, a top pest control service and the exterminators certainly know what they’re doing.

Ewan Gibbs

The Company is an outstanding choice for any pest infestation problem. We had a mice infestation that we’d been trying to get rid of for half a year. Ignat took care of the problem in two visits and we haven’t had any complaints ever since.

Tom Hicks

I would highly recommend hiring AccuRat for mice infestations! The team arrived at the property at the arranged time, they were very kind and told us what the next step is throughout the whole journey. Their prices are also affordable, which is surprising for such a high-quality service.

Charlie Alexander

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