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We know that welcoming someone you don’t know into your house is not easy for all. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our pest control experts are authorized, experienced, and qualified to carry out the job with a professional approach.

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Our years of experience as pest control experts in Barnet have made it possible for us to design a pest removal service that offers impeccable outcomes each time. We know everything about all types of pests and have what it takes to remove them.

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Our trained experts, advanced pest control products, and dependable elimination methods provide a guaranteed result for all of our clients. We also have a 1-month warranty and will come back to deliver a free service if you’re unhappy with the outcomes.

Our Main Pest Control Services in Barnet

Bed Bug Treatment in Barnet

Bed bugs are miniature insects that attack at night, when the victim is sleeping. Contrary to what the name suggests the name, their favourable spots for living and breeding are not limited to your bed. They abe able to remain hidden inside your rugs, your clothes, your cabinets, and other parts of your house. They’re a human parasite that relies on blood for food, leading to skin irritations, itching, marks, and other unfavourable scenarios. Bed bugs can furthermore transmit infections and lead to mental illness issues. If that’s not bad enough, they are also one of the most immune bugs and are exceedingly hard to get rid of. Once you spot a single bed bug or a signal of an infestation, it’s recommended to search for expert help. Not taking measures in a timely manner could make the problem even worse. Bed bugs are well-known for their fast reproduction phases and can multiply at the speed of light, attacking bigger areas of your house.

We have investigated bed bugs carefully and have created a bed bug termination solution that efficiently terminates every single bug from your property. Regardless of where the bugs are in their lifecycle, we can eradicate them forever, leaving behind a clean and bug-free environment. After a complete examination of your home, we will inform you of our our personalised solution and get to work. Ba making use of steam treatments or heat treatments, we’ll give you a prompt, effective, and non-threatening for humans and pets solution. We furthermore offer a 1-month warranty for our bed bug control service in Barnet. In case you’re not satisfied with the outcomes and the bed bugs are still there a month after we’ve conducted the treatment, we’ll deliver a second, free of charge bed bug elimination service. Call our experienced pest control experts today.

Heat Treatment in Barnet

Our heat treatment service in Barnet is among the most reliable ways to get rid of bed bugs forever but not only. It’s simultaneously an efficient, quick, and safe way to remove any type of pest, irrespective of whether it’s an adult, egg, larvae or nymph. The heat treatment is a solution that doesn’t use chemicals that is absolutely safe and does not lead to any side effects for for your family members or furry friends. It is additionally a one-off solution, meaning that the pest invasion will be handled promptly, with no need to repeat the process. Pests will be fully killed in all insect life phases. It is furthermore the most guaranteed way to get to hard-to-reach zones, where the pests may be hiding.

Our pest control experts will carry out heat treatment in your house or business premises to get rid of pests from your luggage, closets, carpets, cracks, and crevices. The infested area will be warmed up to a temperature of 45°C, which is deadly for bugs and insects. At this temperature, the protein structure of the bug eggs are denatured, while adult bugs and insects’ bodies are not able to work properly, causing death. Rely on our modern heat treatment treatment and secure your property and your family members from a pest invasion.

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