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Book our trained pest control experts in Friern Barnet for emergency pest extermination job. A pest infestation cannot wait and our team is here to help.

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We appreciate that letting an unfamiliar face into your living space is not comfortable for everyone. You can have confidence being aware that our pest control experts are authorized, trained, and qualified to carry out the job with a professional approach.

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Our vast experience as pest control professionals in Friern Barnet have made it possible for us to design a pest elimination service that provides outstanding results every time. We know everything about all types of pests and have what it takes to remove them.

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Our capable experts, modern pest control products, and dependable elimination processes lead to a guaranteed result for every client. We provide a 30 day warranty and will come back to give a free solution if you are unhappy with the results.

Our Main Pest Control Services in Friern Barnet

Bed Bug Treatment in Friern Barnet

Bed bugs are tiny insects that strike during the night, when the target is sleeping. Despite the name, their living and breeding habitats are not limited to your bed. They could hide underneath your carpets, your clothes, your cabinets, and other sections of your property. They’re a human parasite that relies on blood for food, leading to irritated skin, itching, marks, and other undesired conditions. Bed bugs can furthermore transfer viruses and cause mental illness issues. If that’s not bad enough, they’re also among the most resistant bugs and are immensely challenging to get rid of. As soon as you come across a single bed bug or a signal of an infestation, it’s advisable to call for expert help. Not reacting in a timely manner may make the problem even more serious. Bed bugs are well-known for their quick reproduction cycles and can spread fast, invading more substantial parts of your property.

We have examined bed bugs carefully and have produced a bed bug elimination system that efficiently gets rid of every single bug from your property. Regardless of where the bugs are in their lifecycle, we are able to eradicate them for good, leaving behind a clean and bug-free place to occupy. Once we’ve conducted a complete check of your home, we’ll tell you all about our bespoke pest control methods and begin. Ba making use of steam treatments or heat treatments, we’ll deliver a timely, efficient, and safe solution. We additionally provide a one month warranty for our bed bug control service in Friern Barnet. If you’re not pleased with the results and the bed bugs are still present a month after the treatment, we’ll deliver another, free bed bug extermination. Reach out to our reliable bed bug exterminators today.

Heat Treatment in Friern Barnet

Our heat treatment service in Friern Barnet is one of the most successful ways to eliminate bed bugs for a long period of time but not only. It’s also an efficient, quick, and safe way to eliminate any sort of pest, irrespective of whether it’s an adult, egg, larvae or nymph. The heat treatment is a non-chemical solution that is completely safe and doesn’t trigger any side effects for people and pets. It’s also a single solution, which means that the pest invasion will be dealt with rapidly, with no need to repeat the process. Pests will be 100% eradicated in all pest life phases. It is also the best treatment to get to hard-to-reach areas, where the pests may be hiding.

Our pest control professionals will perform heat treatment in your house or business premises to eliminate pests from your luggage, closets, carpets, cracks, and crevices. The infested space will be warmed up to a temperature of 45°C, which is destructive for bugs and insects. In this climate, the protein structure of the bug eggs are vitiated, while adult bugs and insects’ bodies fail to continue functioning, leading to death. You can trust us for our modern heat treatment treatment and protect your property and your family members from a pest problem.

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