Reliable Rat Pest Control in London

Let our trained and certified rat control specialists in London remove rats and their colonies from your property. We can help you enjoy a bacteria- and rat-free living or working space thanks to our specialized and affordable rat extermination near you.

Specialised CCTV Drain Inspection

We know everything about rats and we have the necessary equipment to locate them and eliminate them. Our CCTV drain inspection allows us to guarantee that no rodents are left behind and all traces are fully removed.

Budget-friendly Prices

By partnering with Pest PM, you can expect to benefit from affordable rates, yet a professional and top-notch rat control service. We don’t make any compromises with quality but keep our prices low and affordable for all.

Reliable Step-by-step Extermination

Our pest control team in London leaves nothing to chance. We work according to tested and proven pest elimination methods and deliver results every time. Your local pest control expert will inform you about the pest extermination process in detail.

How Our Rat Control Service in London Is Different

Rats are a real nuisance and a common problem for Londoners. They’re attracted by food, warmth, and dark areas in your residential space that they can invade. The bad news is that they are also great at creating nesting spots in your home and can hide behind the walls, underneath the floors, and even in your drain system. Our rat exterminators in London are equipped with everything necessary to eliminate the problem, providing long-term results.

We’ll inspect your property, prepare a rat extermination plan and apply the necessary treatments, which are tailored to your property, the level of infestation, and other essential factors. We won’t turn our backs on you until we’ve made sure the rat infestation is eliminated. You can expect a second visit from our local rat control team for a final assessment of the results.

What makes us different is our use of CCTV drain inspection for rats. To offer prevention, we ensure that we treat the source of the problem and not only the outcome. Our rat control specialists will insert High Definition Push Rod Cameras into your drains for inspection. With a 360° view of your pipes, we can locate any points for concern and prevent the infestation from recurring in the future.

We were left with no other choice but to move out of our home due to a serious rat infestation problem that we couldn’t get rid of. We tried a range of different chemicals and methods, called several rat control companies but nothing worked. Pest PM were recommended by a friend and we’re only thankful that we didn’t give up and called them. Our rat infestation is completely gone and we’re once again safe in our house.

Laura Blackburn

The pest control experts from Pest PM did an outstanding job with our house in London. We had a rat infestation that we didn’t realise was taking over our place. The service is everything that was promised – high-quality, efficient, and not at all expensive.

Connor Thomson

Fully satisfied with the service received! Exceptional job, adequate solutions, and professional equipment used.

Mason Roberts

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